Welcome to Bear Country Outfitters!


Bear Country Outfitters is family owned and operated. But it is not just a business, it is our passion!

 Years ago we started a saying COME JOIN US IN OUR BEARADISE but now we also specialize in Saskatchewan Trophy White-Tailed Deer hunts!

Our exclusive outfitting area now covers over 350,000 acres of hunting territory of forest, dense bush and remote wilderness. Our area borders the Wildcat Hills Wilderness Area which is a huge reservoir of trophy game. This remote area allows us to have total access to hunt without the presence and pressure of other outfitters which makes your hunt much more enjoyable with a higher rate of success!

Many P & Y and B & C bears and deer have been taken from this area. There are Black Bears here that reach up to 600lbs and we have an unprecedented 35% colour phase!

Each of our Black Bear hunters have ample opportunity of seeing several different types of Black Bears and could harvest a big and/or color phased bear or a bear with a white V or other marking on its chest also known as a chevron patch. Every year our camp will usually take a bruin or two weighing between 400 and 500lbs. You will have the greatest opportunity to harvest your own Trophy Bear!

We like to take only 4 deer hunters per week which gives each hunter a greater opportunity to harvest a mature deer. Typical body weight of mature deer is 220 plus lbs and the average antler score is 140 plus and our area has produced deer scoring 185 or higher. At BCO we encourage hunters to harvest mature deer to help manage our trophy population.

We want to give you every possible opportunity for success and that is why we are considered one of the most professional and successful wilderness camps in Saskatchewan. Our high return clientele rate reflects the quality hunts that we offer.

But, not only would you have a great hunt with us, in the spring you also have the opportunity to fish for the great Northern Pike and the tasty Walleye just minutes away!



 Proud supporter of:
Saskatchewan Outfitters Association
Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation
Proudly supported by:
Tourism Saskatchewan

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